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Sunday, 10th December 2023
Our Work

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Who We Are:
Global Educators for All Initiative is a growing network of interdependent educators (parents, teachers and leaders) as well as formal, non formal and informal educational agencies, association and institutions dedicated to facilitating the realization of quality education of all, by all and for all. An international non-profit association of interdependent educators working towards the realization of quality education of all, by all and for all. The initiative is a direct educational response to the colossal challenges created by lack of inspiration, cooperativeness by educators, and growing unskilled educators, as well as inability of educators to use and relate to emerging technologies and respond to other educational issues plaguing the educational sector.

Our Core Focus:
We are focused on working with and for educators (parents, teachers and leaders) as well as educational institutions and agencies (families, schools, communities and Ministries of Education and other educational NGOs). We promote cooperative efforts by educators as well as educational initiatives, institutions and educators whose principles, values and aspiration are dedicated to realization of quality education for all. We seek to achieve this by working in partnership with parents, teachers, formal and informal educators, leaders and educational institutions through families, schools and communities respectively to ensure education for all people.We hope to achieve our goals by inspiring, empowering, connecting, celebrating and provide ways to properly utilize the skills of educators.

Five Core Challenges that Educators and Educational Institutions are Facing:
We recognize the emerging challenges in the 21st century that families, schools and other educational agencies and institutions are facing in their efforts to provide educational access and opportunities to meet the global aspiration of education for all. Our study has revealed that most schools and educational institutions have core challenges in five key areas, namely:

  • Inability to inspire teachers, parents and other staff/stakeholders leading to poor motivation, lack of commitment and dedication, unsubstantial accomplishments by educators leading to the growing ill-feelings about the relevance and usefulness of education. Many young people do not see the need for education and some are evening campaigning against schooling and education in general.
  • Under-empowered parents and teachers, unqualified/less qualified teachers and managers, lack of professional development programs for in-service or beginning teachers, lack of connection with professional development association of parents and teachers as well as issues of engaging untrained teachers to teach without requisite professional qualification and skills. Educational institutions have become dumping grounds and transit points, where those who are unable to meet their desired aspiration hang around for a while. Such persons are engaged as teachers but have very limited commitment to this ad-hoc or short time/part time job.
  • Disconnect between families and schools, between schools and the host community as well as between parents, teachers and leaders and even among teachers within the school, among parents of the children in the school; there is lack of access to relevant professional information, experienced colleagues and other educational resources and funding opportunities to educators. Educators are unable to provide contemporary information to learners, are confined within their “borders” and are unable to see the world from a wider perspective, thereby producing narrow minded learners who become champions of selfish agitations against more public benefiting policies.
  • Lack of affordable and motivating material and non-material incentives for parents, teachers as well as families and schools leading to non-challant and uncaring or careless attitude by parents and teachers. Schools lack strategies, policies and programs to celebrate outstanding and committed educators leading to declining commitment. Dedication and overall performance manifesting through decline in output by more experienced teachers shows that there are no practices in educational institutions to sustain interest, motivation and encourage educators to invest more as they stay longer in the profession.
  • Inability to effectively and maximally utilize human and material resources available in the family, schools and community to enhance quality education for all. Cases abound where schools are challenged by poorly engaged, poorly utilized teachers, overloaded, overcrowded classrooms, inability to preserve the ability and resourcefulness of teachers as well as lack of effective utilization of family parents/community leaders by teachers/schools and lack of effective utilization of technology, and other tools for teaching and learning. There is high level of inability to effective utilize facilities in educational institutions and in some cases, basic facilities are not available. Teachers without tables, students without classrooms, teachers and students without teaching and learning facilities to meet the challenges of the age.

These five points summarizes the broad scope of challenges that educators and educational institutions are facing in the process and art of educating in the new millennium. With the mandate and commitment of the United Nations and other educational agencies around the world to achieving education for all, we need to begin a process of addressing these global challenges in local places. With one educator, one school at a time, we need to address the challenges and create a new culture, community and strategy for resources for education.

Demonstrating our commitment to the realization of quality education for all through working with educators and educational institutions, Global Educators for All Initiative offers programs and services for educators and educational services to be able to respond to the challenges by understanding what need to be done and supporting the process of implementing such responses as well as ensuring the responses are sustained over time. To this end, our Global Consultancy Services Directorate has developed appropriate response services and programs. Our team of professionals are now available to provide such services to schools and other educational agencies.

Global Educators Consultancy Services
The Global Educators for All Initiative Consultancy Services are designed to inspire, empower, connect, celebrate and utilize educators and educational institutions to ensure quality in the quantitative education for all aspiration.

Our Five Point Agenda of Inspire, Empower, Connect, Celebrate and Utilize addresses the challenges:

  • Inspire parents, teachers and schools with a new global vision of education that facilitates their commitment, dedication and accomplishments through regular attendance, attentiveness to school vision/mission as well as create a parental attitude in teachers, make them more interested in their job and help them realize their key position in education and fulfill their responsibilities.
    • Our introductory seminar on education in the new millennium inspires participants and resurrects their consciousness to a new level of understanding of self, others and resources in education. The seminar provides opportunities for participants to gain wider understanding of the central role of educators in human development and exposes strategies for creating a new culture of education, how to address the many challenges in education and the role/responsibility of educators. By attending our introductory seminars, participants are exposed to presentation designed to awaken the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains.
  • Empower educators/educational institutions with professional development programs and services that will enable them to acquire the right attitude, knowledge and skills to fulfill their responsibilities in the school by introducing training programs and help to create a culture of professional development in the school as well as connect learning by teachers to earnings of teachers.
    • Global Educators for All Initiative’s empowerment of educators programs include professional development courses in several critical areas of education for parents, teachers and leaders as well as other key stakeholders. By attending our professional development programs, educators cultivate the right attitude, acquire the relevant knowledge and utilize the developed skills to enhance teaching and learning. We work with schools to create a culture of ongoing professional development, build and sustain a network of professional development educators, using the abilities of experienced educators to mentor younger and beginning teachers and mobilize resources for professional development in schools.
  • Connect teachers/schools to relevant information, to colleagues and to resources. Such services help to facilitate exchange of ideas, personnel and programs and provide teachers with professional information, connect teachers to capacity building associations as well as to educational funding/resources opportunities
    • GEFAI organizes periodic seminars, summits, conferences and workshops that bring educators together and connect them to critical professional information. We work to connect parents to teachers, teachers to leaders and parents to leaders as well as facilitate connection between families, schools and communities, and between formal, non-formal and informal agencies.
  • Celebrate parents/teachers and the school through material and non-material incentives to generate commitment, dedication and outstanding performance. Services are designed in manners that outstanding parents, teachers and schools are recognized, appreciated, rewarded and celebrated. Our services help schools establish culture of celebration, community of celebrants and utility of resources for celebration and by celebrants to achieve quality education for all.
  • Effectively Utilize human and material resources available in families, schools and communities. We help schools to get family and community resources to support teaching and learning, teacher engagement and utilization as well as preservation of teachers/teaching resources/innovation and technologies.

With all these initiatives, we are able to help schools identify their challenges, work with schools to respond to the challenges and mobilize efforts through ideas and programs to ensure that identified challenges are addressed and schools are able to inspire their teachers, empower and connect them as well as celebrate and utilize them to make substantial accomplishments in schools. We also provide support for new and struggling educational institutions with structuring, writing of curriculums and course outline, recruitment and retention of teachers and provision of teaching resources, among others.

Our team of staff, members, volunteers and interns are available and always reaching out to institutions, agencies and stakeholders with the wonderful opportunities that we offer with the hope that institutions may be interested and can benefit from our services to address challenges that will increase the performance of schools in order to attract wider interest, appreciation by parents and the community as well as contribute to national development.

Our consultancy services are provided to interested institutions with preference to schools that have official relationship as partners as well as others who engage us as their educational consultants. Our representatives are always ready and pleased to meet with interested persons and institutions to discuss these wonderful opportunities that we offer to address the challenges and needs of educators and educational institutions.

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via 08059964018, 07035329864 or at our office, Suite 7, 3rd Floor, Standard Plaza, Behind Wadata House, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja or email us at info@globaleducators.org. GEFAI team are always looking forward to serving educators and educational institutions around the world and be assured of our quality services.

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