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Saturday, 13th July 2024
Our Programs

Global Educators for All Initiative is working toward facilitating the realization of quality education for all by inspiring, empowering, connecting, celebrating and utilizing educators (parents, teachers and leaders) and educational institutions/agencies. Our programs are all designed to fulfill this need and goals.

The programs of Global Educators for All Initiative are conceived by and implemented by our global network of interdependent formal, non formal and informal educators (parents, teachers and leaders) as well as educational institutions and agencies who are committed to working toward facilitating the realization of lifelong education for all people, in order to live for the sake of others. Programs are based on the realization that we envision an emerging new world where the education of all, is by all and for all.

Our vision is to advance the realization of quality education at all levels within the formal, non formal and informal institutions of education for all. We seek to achieve this through inspiring educators with a global vision of education, empowering educators with the needed professional resources and tools as well as connecting educators to information, each other and to resources and by celebrating educators and educational institutions with commitments to education for all.

Through our programs, our celebrated members are effectively utilized to inspire, empower, connect and celebrate others. Our programs are designed with the hope that all children, students and citizens will have an opportunity and access to quality education that makes them productive and useful to self, others and the environment

Core Focus of Programs

  • Educating Parents/Families
    • Global Certificate of Parenting Mastery
    • Global Marriage and Family Life Education
    • Global Family Initiative
    • Consulting for Families
  • Educating Teachers/Schools
    • Teacher Training Courses
    • Voice of Teachers Radio Show
    • Global Teacher Certificate
    • Global Schools Initiative
    • Peace and Character Education
    • Consulting for Schools
  • Educating Leaders/Communities
    • Leadership Education for Political Aspirants, Candidates and Leaders
    • Kingship/Queenship Education for Traditional Rulers
    • Educational Leadership Certificate
    • Interreligious Leadership Education
    • Conference Of Religious Educators and Leaders (COREL)
    • Consulting for Communities, Ministries of Education and other agencies of education
Other Ongoing and Upcoming Initiatives
  • Conferences/Seminars/Summits/Workshops
  • Millennium Development Ambassadors Initiative
  • Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors
  • Interreligious Ambassadors Initiative
  • Human Rights Ambassadors Initiative
  • Global Family Ambassadors Initiative
  • Certificate of Driving Mastery Course for Drivers
  • Literacy For All Initiative
  • International Journal of Global Educators

Brief On Some of Our Programs
Teacher Training Courses: we offer professional development programs designed to empower pre-service and in-service teachers with teaching skills involving creating positive attitudes, acquiring right knowledge and appropriate skills. We encourage and promote the building of a culture of professional development in schools to ensure that teachers have the right information and resources to fulfill their roles

Marriage and Family Education: realizing that the family is the primary institution of education, we offer programs to our members and others on issues related to marriage and family life. Our program involves sharing a global vision of the family in the new millennium and how to support and strengthen families. Courses include parenting, marriage an spouse selection, womb life education and family literacy initiatives

Millennium Development Ambassadors: an initiative designed to inspire, empower, connect and celebrate educators and other professionals to make a commitment to localizing the global MDGs in local communities. The growing network of MDAs are working to ensure that the UN mandate for 2015 and the new millennium is realized. During the 2011 West Africa MDAs summit in Ghana, the Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors initiative was endorsed and launched recently during the International Youth Day in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Voices of Teachers Radio Show: a radio based educational program aired weekly on Radio Nigeria Kapital FM 92.9 in Abuja and reaching over a million listeners every week and connecting parents, teachers, leaders and other community members to educational news and resources. The VOT has been endorsed and supported by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, the National Commission for Museums and Monuments and the National Commission for Colleges of Education. It has also featured local, national and international educators who shared inspiring issues as well as Millennium Development Ambassadors and members of GEFAI.

Leadership /Community Education: In order to ensure the leaders of various sectors of our communities are professional trained for their mandate, we offer educational programs for leaders as well as establish and develop community education centers. To promote sustainable leadership in politics, we provide leadership training for political aspirants, candidates and leaders in order to empower them with appropriate skills for governance. With the success in Nigeria, our political leadership education is being extended to other West African countries and nations in transition. We also provide leadership programs for religious leaders, traditional rulers and other non formal leaders.

International Journals of Global Educators: we organize summits, conferences and seminars with scholarly presentations by our membership, associates and other professionals. These resources are being published in our international journal of global educators series. The Voice of Teachers Journal, Global Educators Journal and the Millennium Development Ambassadors Journal are a few of such publications showcasing the work of extraordinary educators.

Literacy For All: In support of the UNESCO mandate to ensure literacy for all, we have developed several initiatives and working with others to promote literacy in local communities. We have launched the Wall-less Classrooms, English Literacy for French Speakers, Literacy for Women and are working with the Marketplace School Initiative and supports the WANGO Zero Illiteracy Project. We also provide training for literacy instructors and are working with the Association for Literacy Support Services with the FCT in Abuja to ensure literacy for all.

GEFAI Programs includes;

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