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Monday, 02nd October 2023
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About Global Voice of Educators International Journal

Global Voice of Educators is an international journal (in hard copy and online format) that showcases the works of educators on global issues in local places as well as connect local issues to the global community of educators, through world-class research, and great contemporary ideas.

Educators involve parents, teachers and leaders in informal, formal and non formal settings for education. They may not always be the key policy makers as most of them are not politicians. Yet the desire for education of children, the knowledge of how to educate students and citizens and the sharing of skills for educational delivery remains the task of educators. In this context, educators are very crucial in the issue of human development, which is very necessary in the global development aspirations.

In every family, school or community in every nation, the educational aspirations of the people remain the top priority.

Educators are expressing their views in diverse ways and forms, and this has led to the widening of the education divide. There is the need to bring the community of educators together to work as partners and colleagues toward education of all, by all and for all. Education of the citizens in character and career has become inevitable and educators all over the world are calling for reforms that will make access to quality education easier for all. It is therefore inevitable that the voices of educators need to be heard. This is the core purpose of the Global Voice of Educators International Journal, which is a publication by Global Educators for All Initiative. The age and dispensation we live in now calls for the voices of educators all over the globe to be heard in unison.

Educators are being mobilized to speak with one voice and that is the voice of wisdom to save the present and succeeding generations. It is the moment of the Global Voice of Educators. The Global Voice of Educators is an online, open access, peer-reviewed and hard copy international journal assembled by a group of dedicated educators who served as editors and a diverse community of parents, teachers and leaders who are involved in researches in contemporary issues in education and about educators.

In each of the Global Voice of Educators international journal, important issues of contemporary significance and globally scoped topics are researched and published here. This edition deals with issues of teachers’ professional development to the challenges of the Millennium Development Goals and Peace Education.

The Global Voice of Educators features scholarly works of educators on contemporary issues and provides a unique opportunity for educators to be connected to information, colleagues and other educational resources as well as serve as a platform to share and receive opinions on global best practices in education by educators.

The Global Voice of Educators international journal provides opportunities for educators at all level and in every nation to share their thoughts, words and activities in education and to connect with the work of other colleagues. We are delighted to introduce the Global Voice of Educators, an international journal of educators, by educators and for educators, building bridges among educators and getting the voices of educators heard globally and locally.

This inaugural edition of the Global Voice of Educators features reports of research works and presentations by educators during the West African Teachers Conference in Benin Republic and Ghana as well as the Millennium Development Ambassadors Summit on Peace and Development in 2011. It is our hope that educators will find this opportunity useful in having their voices heard and for the many anticipated readers, we wish that you find this material most valuable and rewarding.

Are you interested in sending your articles or research work for publication and/or in serving in the peer reviewed editorial board?

Email info@globaleducators.org and we shall be delighted to follow up with you.

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