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Thursday, 21st March 2019
International Certificate for Millennium Development Educators
Online, On-air and offline professional development course for educators on the United Nations MDGs

Our new program, the International Certificate for Millennium Development Educators course, is a self paced, peer supported as well as mentor supported personal and professional development program available online and offline through seminars and workshops. The program is available for anyone interested in understanding the MDGs as well as potential mentors and activists. This program is offered for a small fee to cover administrative and operational costs as well as certification and stipends for resource persons. Some persons shall be offered scholarship to cover course fee based on available support and funding.

In general, the course content and delivery are led by experienced educators who are well versed with issues related to the MDGs and how to develop programs to facilitate its realization in local communities.

The program consist of courses designed by educators, for educators and other professionals interested in educating on the MDGs. It is also very useful to NYSC members being trained and who are engaged as facilitators in youth orientation camps. The courses will help participants to cultivate the right attitude toward educational programs on the MDGs, improve the professional knowledge and skills of participants so that they can serve as educators and facilitators in families, schools and communities as well as in agencies connected or dedicated to implementing MDGs programs.

The International Certificate for Millennium Development Educators has emerged at a very critical time as the world moves quickly toward the target year 2015. It is addressing and filling a major vacuum that will accelerate the quality and quantity of educators trained to educate on the MDGs in families, schools and communities and will lead to realization of the MDGs in communities. The course culminates in the participants’ design and implementation of a community development project with the assistance of course instructors and Millennium Development Ambassadors as well as other volunteers who may commit their resources, knowledge and time to the implementation of the MDGs in the communities.

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About the course

The universal purpose of education is for sustainable human development, which includes personal development, human development and environmental development. The Millennium Development Educators Course is designed to raise educators who will educate for sustainable development under the guidance of the UN MDGs. This course focuses on creating a culture of sustainable development, raising a community of development educators and developed communities as well as strategies for utilization of human and material resources for sustainable development. The course assists the participants to reflect upon the MDGs and seek to apply them in their daily life from the family, school and community. Participants will utilize the theories and practical experiences gained in the program to localize the global goals in local places based on local needs and have an opportunity to share their accomplishments and challenges with colleagues. Participants will utilize their education with a group of local families, schools or communities by focusing on the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The first part of the course is focused on inspiring participants to make a commitment to understanding the MDGs by enlisting and completing the course of study as well as using the knowledge to facilitate the realization of the MDGs in their local communities. The second aspect of the course is designed to empower participants with the needed professional knowledge and skills as well as connecting them to information, each other and to MDGs related resources. The third aspect focuses on utilizing the knowledge acquired to facilitate the realization of the MDGs as well as how to celebrate commitments to human development. Participants shall also learn to develop and implement a community development service project either in families, schools or communities.

Course Objectives:

  • To inspire participants with a new vision of sustainable development education which will enable them to become more interested and make a commitment and dedication to facilitating the realization of the Millennium Development Goals in their family, schools and/or communities.
  • To empower participants with personal and professional development resources and tools that will enable them to serve as facilitators for the MDGs programs and services. Participants will cultivate the right attitude toward the MDGs, acquire the required knowledge and skills that will foster a solid understanding of the Millennium Development Goals and how to multiply such abilities to others.
  • To connect participants to relevant information on the MDGs in particular and community development in general, as well as connect participants to colleagues and critical stakeholders and needed resources to bridge the development knowledge divide. Through such connections to information, each other and to resources, participants will be able to deeply reflect upon the fundamental needs of their families, schools and local community and the expected role that they can play in addressing those needs through educating children in the families, students in schools and citizens in the community.
  • To utilize participants attitude, knowledge and skills to serve as MDGs facilitators in local communities in the development of policies, design of programs and building capacity of required resource persons for the realization of the MDGs in local communities. The program seeks to expose participants to the idea of the MDGs as global in scope but local in focus thereby assisting participants to reflect upon making the MDGs their Personal Development Goals. Participants will utilize their coursework and community service project to reflect upon the goals, make a personal and collective declaration/commitment to the goals and formulate their life philosophy and goal based on the Millennium Development Goals.
  • To celebrate participants with clear determination, commitment and accomplishment as well as expose them to strategies for celebrate commitments to the realization of the MDGs in families, schools and communities. The program will facilitate the capability of participants to appreciate, acknowledge, reward, award and celebrate sustainable accomplishments that will inspire others to seek to be empowered, connected and effectively utilized in achieving the MDGs. The program will foster an understanding of how to promote participants work in their families, schools and communities through the growing network of educators committed to education of all, by all and for all.
  • To prepare participants to serve as Millennium Development Educators in families, schools and communities as well as educational advisers/assistants to non professional policy and political leaders serving as Directors/Coordinators/Chair of agencies coordinating MDGs activities.
  • Participants are also prepared to become mentors in the Millennium Development Educators Certificate program and to utilize the developed attitude, acquired knowledge and skills to support other stakeholders who are seeking to understand more of the program and community development issues, whether online, on-air and/or offline.

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