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Tuesday, 05th July 2022

Why Global Educators For All Initiative?
As the need for education is universal, every global report has always emphasized the need to achieve education for all. However, most efforts and interventions focus on schooling as the main source of education. This has also placed emphasis on training of teachers and providing ongoing support for teachers as the major solution. Unfortunately, this is not enough as education is more than schooling.

Many educated people never had a formal opportunity to attend a school. While the central role of teachers cannot be disputed in the process of building an educated world, we must realize that teachers alone are unable to provide the comprehensive education for a peaceful and healthy society.

Education begins before schooling as most attitudes, knowledge and skills are acquired at the most elementary stages of life. In fact, the family is the primary institution of education and parents are our pioneer educators.
Parents educate their children and as they graduate from the family, they are admitted to schools to further their educational pursuit. At home, learners are children and at school they are students and pupils. As they graduate from school, they become citizens of their communities and nations with leaders as their educators.

Unfortunately, emphasis has been placed only on teachers and schools as educators and institutions of education respectively. We seem to have ignored the fact that parents and leaders are also educators and that the family, school and community are all institutions of education.

In fact, without a sustainable cooperative partnership between the parents, teachers and leaders as well as families, schools and communities, the realization of quality education for all may remain a mere dream.

Herein lies the need for a platform that offers unique opportunities for collaborative work between parents, teachers and leaders as well as families, schools and communities. Global Educators for All Initiative seeks to fill this missing gap and offers an integrated approach to ensuring education for all.

Global Educators for All Initiative seeks to bring together a network of the initiatives by educators (parents, teachers and leaders) whose principles, values and aspirations are dedicated to the realization of quality education for all children, pupils/students and citizens. We promote cooperative efforts instead of competition among educators and educational institutions.

It is our determination to ensure proper professional development for all educators, whether in formal, non formal or informal educational agencies. We acknowledge the fact that professional development opportunities for parents and leaders are either missing or not well coordinated.

Parents, Teachers and Leaders need the information, connection and resources to enable them have adequate training in character, citizenship and career to fulfill their valuable role as educators. Global Educators for All Initiative seeks to offer that opportunity, support and resources.

We are therefore not just a group of teachers working in schools but a network of educators including parents, teachers and leaders in formal, non formal and informal educational settings. We aim to provide supportive services to each other as colleagues rather than as competitors. We do not create an environment of complain against each other but seek to take responsibility to complement and remedy the deficiencies of each other.

We believe in “ability in every disability” and we work to sustain our capability through our abilities and disabilities.

GEFAI is most needed now in this age of globalization in order to create a harmonious global culture of education at homes, schools and communities.

This is why we need GEFAI, to inspire all educators, empower educators with professional development programs and tool, connect educators to information, each other and to resources as well as celebrate outstanding educators and educational institutions as well as other agencies that support quality education for their commitment to achieving education for all.

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