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Monday, 24th June 2024
Mission Statement


"Education of all, by all and for all. We envision a world where everyone without exception has an opportunity and access to qualitative education at all levels and throughout life. We are facilitators of a new world where the education of all people is by everyone and for everyone, recognizing that we are all educators through our thoughts, words and actions, consciously or unconsciously. We are educators committed to creating a new global educational culture of teaching for the sake of learning and learning for the sake of practicing. We envision a world where parents, teachers and leaders work through the families, schools and communities respectively to ensure education for all people


"Our mission is to facilitate the realization of education for all people transcending age, sex, nationality and other social affiliations. We seek to achieve this through inspiring educators with a new global vision of education, empowering all educators with professional development skills, connecting formal, informal and non-formal educators to information, each other and to educational resources as well as celebrating outstanding educators who are making great differences in the efforts to realize education for all. We are dedicated to and work to develop, promote, implement and celebrate educators and ongoing educational initiatives that bring together people of every race, religion, nationality and culture to support the emergence of one globally educated family of humankind. We are educators building a world of qualitative educational opportunities at all levels and lasting peace by strengthening the families, schools and communities as core institutions of education, facilitating intercultural, inter-ideological and international cooperation among and between educators, and fostering a global culture of education for all, a global community of educators living for the sake of others and promoting the global utilization of technologies for education and human well being. "

Who We Are:
The Global Educators For All Initiative is a global network of formal, informal and non formal educators (parents, teachers and leaders) as well as educational institutions and agencies that are committed to and working toward facilitating the realization of lifelong education for all people from childhood to adulthood. We envision an emerging future where the education of all, for all is by all. Our vision is to advance the realization of quality education at all levels within the formal and informal/non formal institutions of education for all people. It is our hope that all children, students and citizens will have an opportunity and access to quality education that makes them productive and useful to themselves, others and the environment.

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Nigeria: Standard Plaza, Suite 7, 3rd Floor, Behind Wadata House, 2 Kutsi Close, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria